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About Hasler USA

Our main objective is to provide the highest quality large format digital cutting solutions at a fair and reasonable price. Engineered and assembled in Europe, and supported by our team of USA trained and based cutting professionals with over 50 years of experience in this specialized industry, we offer a product others cannot. It is our daily goal to optimize each specific customer’s operations to be the most efficient and modern production cutting facility possible, and tailored to your needs. Customers receive honest and fast support and there is no need to pay to log a call or be put in a que. Personalization and interaction is key to our company mantra and we can help with consumable choices (blades, router bits, belts, underlay) as well as upgrades to tooling, or even best practices in cutting your individual materials. We are here to help, are a customer-first driven group, and a one-stop shop for all your digital cutting table needs.

Office: 414-285-5250

Joe Grorich
Service Manager

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